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We are story tellers, travellers and reseachers. We thrive in business, we comply to standards. We offer flexible, effecient and innovative solutions.

Our Services

Cloud solutions

Spend less while meeting your customer needs in real time. No maintainance charges for all our cloud solutions

Software dev

We build our software at client sigh! We guide, develop and innovate through your idea. We observe client coprights


No delay, No waiting! Our job is to keep you posted on what's out of reach


We map your business needs to solution, we guide our clients to make the most appreapriate decision, we don't decide on behalf


Process improvement, we re-engineer your business processes to make it achievable.


Say hello to smooth customer relationship management -we speak customer native taste!


Big data, we lead you in every decison.

Visualization, Easy interpretable graphs for all your business questions. We are human and only give a consumable data ata any point.

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About us


How we do it.

Continous deliver

Our focus is the value we add.

Agile & scrum

Methodology,our procdures

Cloud solution

Technical focus


We embrace differences.


We set phase and remain compliant

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